Psychosomatic Therapy

Psychosomatic Therapy

Psychosomatic Therapy – Derived from the words Psycho meaning “mind” and Soma meaning “body”.

What do spine posture, freckles, and the shape of your eyes have in common?

They’re all personal characteristics that reveal how you interact with the world around you.

Have you ever instantly known what someone was like from the way they looked? Do you ever notice how some people’s lives are almost written on their faces?

Psychosomatic therapy is basically everything you’ve ever read about body language and cold reading on steroids. Get to know your inner workings and learn what the body-mind connection is saying about your emotional state.

Try It For Yourself

If you’ve ever struggled to understand why you feel and act the way you do, a psychosomatic therapy session can help you find the answers.

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Understanding Your Face and Body

You know how people often say that 90% of communication is nonverbal?

In psychosomatic therapy, your emotional journey and your unique personality traits are always ultimately revealed by your body.

Here, seemingly unrelated details like your posture or how you hold your head tell your story. Qualities like the shape and structure of your face, where your eyes are located, and even how you hold your hands are suddenly important clues to discovering what your body is trying to say.

It gets better:

After getting to know “the real you”, the second phase of psychosomatic therapy involves finding areas of stress and tension and working to restore your body’s ideal balance.

Understand the Link Between Your Body and Your Emotions 

Derived from the roots psycho, meaning “mind” and soma, meaning “body”, psychosomatic therapy melds cognition with physical features as a way to help us understand who we are as individuals.

Like a fingerprint, every physical feature you possess makes you completely unique. Psychosomatic awareness assesses your physical appearance to understand why you are the way you are.

I practice Psychosomatic Therapy at both Complete Energies locations by appointment, in Maribyrnong and Ripponlea.

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