Psychosomatic Therapy

Derived from the roots psycho, meaning “mind” and soma, meaning “body”, psychosomatic therapy melds cognition with physical features as a way to help us understand who we are as individuals.

Not unlike a fingerprint, every physical feature you possess makes you completely unique, and psychosomatic awareness involves internalizing your physical appearance to understand why you are the way you are.

For example, your eye shape may inform your natural optimism, and the pattern of your freckles may clue into your level of outgoingness in public. Whether they are good or bad features, psychosomatic science is the science of understanding why we portray ourselves in the way that we do, and can go a long way towards becoming more conscious of our own emotional and mental well-being.

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I practice Psychosomatic Therapy at both Complete Energies locations by appointment, in Maribyrnong and Ripponlea.