Marcus Harding

Welcome to Complete Energies – therapy for everything that you are!

marcus-hardingI began my journey in 2003 where a series of events left me with nowhere to turn, it was through some now deeply cherished role models, that I began to study Reiki, I completed my 1st and 2nddegrees and was somewhat satisfied, but still felt as though I was missing something, through other friends, I was reacquainted with my now Reiki master, Sean, who attuned me in my Masters/Teachers in 2008, I then went on to study Certificate 3 in Psychosomatic Therapy in 2009 followed by a Certificate 4 in Swedish Massage in 2010. Most recently, (2014) I have completed my Diploma of Remedial Massage. Hence therapy for the Mind, Body and Spirit was born.

Using multiple modalities, I am able to assist you with a wide variety of problems.

My goal is to help you to live a happy and fulfilled life, free of the pain and tension often caused by daily living, work, relationships, financial worries and even a hectic social life.

My methods will allow you to reach a greater sense of balance throughout your life.