I am always available to train any willing students in the art of reiki, though you must bear in mind that anyone who wishes to learn the ancient healing art must be willing to open up their mind and experience powerful emotions and feelings.

If you’d like to complete any of the degrees of reiki training, contact me and schedule an appointment time. The details of the courses are as follows:

1st Degree: One day (8 hours) or 2 half days (4 hours)

2nd Degree: One day (8 hours) or 2 half days (4 hours)

Master/Teacher: Two Days (8 hours apiece)

At Complete Energies, we include meals as well as materials, so the following prices are all-inclusive:

1st Degree: $244 per person, including a copy of The Reiki Master’s Handbook

2nd Degree: $330 per person

Master/Teacher: $880 per person

Please be aware that 50% of the cost of training is due when you schedule your appointment, but if you refer a friend to undergo the training with you, there is an available discount applied to your fees.