Guide to Gifting Massage

When you’re relaxing on a massage table, it’s easy to see massage as a gift. Whether you’re there to reduce pain, to ease anxiety, to help you recover from the physical and mental stresses work or athletic training or parenting or simply being alive, massage is a moment of freedom … Continue reading “Guide to Gifting Massage”

Should I Cancel My Massage if I’m Sick?

Yes, please. Cancel if you are sick. Great! We’re done here. Nah, we’ve got a bunch more to cover. There are lots of variables to being sick. What does that even mean and why does it matter? Let’s dig in. What is ‘sick’? For determining your ability to receive massage, … Continue reading “Should I Cancel My Massage if I’m Sick?”

Massage for Knee Surgery Rehab

Ouch! What did I do to my knee? If you’re experiencing knee pain, you’re not alone. Most Americans will have knee pain sometime in their life, whether from an accident, overuse, or general wear and tear as they age. Besides being uncomfortable, it’s often debilitating and holds you back from … Continue reading “Massage for Knee Surgery Rehab”

Common Myths About Back Pain

There are dozens upon dozens of myths out there about what leads to back pain, what you should do to prevent back pain, and what kinds of treatments may solve your back pain troubles.   Today, I am here to tell you that you should think again about what may … Continue reading “Common Myths About Back Pain”

Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Massage

When you think of massage therapy, what comes to mind? Perhaps you consider those aches and pains in your shoulders and neck, or maybe your sore, tired, or swollen legs, or even a way you can cope with excess stress. However, the therapeutic nature of massage therapy extends far beyond … Continue reading “Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Massage”

Beyond the platitudes: how can we age well?

Beyond the platitudes: how can we age well? There are so many articles out there about “healthy aging”, but most of them are bizarrely vague. Like ads for menstrual products or incontinence, they seem to be convinced that we’d all run away screaming if they actually mentioned what aging is … Continue reading “Beyond the platitudes: how can we age well?”

Stress, Anxiety, and Massage

Stress, Anxiety, and Massage   Why get a massage? According to a surveyconducted by the American Massage Therapy Association, 28% of Americans who get a massage do so for relaxation and stress reduction. That’s a lot of people in the US who feel strongly enough about their own experiences with … Continue reading “Stress, Anxiety, and Massage”

Caring for the skin you’re in: staying sun safe

Caring for the skin you’re in: staying sun safe Massage therapists see a lot of skin. All colors, all textures. Freckles, scars, stretch marks, moles. Skin with lots of hair and skin with none. Skin doesn’t surprise us.   Except when it does. That brown spot on your shoulder blade? … Continue reading “Caring for the skin you’re in: staying sun safe”

What to Ask Your Massage Therapist About Essential Oils

What to Ask Your Massage Therapist About Essential Oils   Whether you’re a huge fan or just a curious bystander, there’s no doubt that aromatherapy and essential oils are becoming increasingly popular. Aromatherapy was a $4 billionmarket in 2016, and is projected to come close to doubling by 2024. What … Continue reading “What to Ask Your Massage Therapist About Essential Oils”

Dealing With Rotator Cuff Injuries

Dealing With Rotator Cuff Injuries You’ve been doing Olympic lifting for a while. Or stocking tall shelves. Or cheerleading, throwing your partners overhead. Everything was great! Until suddenly, it wasn’t. Ice and ibuprofen didn’t quite do the trick, so you visited the doctor. And lo and behold, you’ve got a … Continue reading “Dealing With Rotator Cuff Injuries”