Stress Management for the Whole Family

Stressors come in all kinds of forms: work and school pressures, relationships, health concerns, uncertainty about the future. Even changes that are generally positive can still be incredibly stressful, like gaining a family member or starting a new business. Left unchecked, stress can lead to a host of symptoms, including … Continue reading “Stress Management for the Whole Family”

What to Expect for Your First Massage

A massage is intended to be a calm and relaxing experience. But if it’s your first massage, you may feel a little trepidation. Don’t let that hold you back. With a little information about what to expect, you’ll walk into your first massage feeling like a confident pro! Expect Communication … Continue reading “What to Expect for Your First Massage”

The Physiological Effects of Monthly Massages

Sure, it feels great to pop in and see a massage therapist every now and then. It’s a great way to pamper yourself and relieve stress during a particularly crazy time. Self-compassion and the idea of splurging on yourself for once, otherwise known as “Treat Yo-Self,” means that it’s actually … Continue reading “The Physiological Effects of Monthly Massages”

Massage for Lower Back Pain

If you’ve ever battled lower back pain, you know how nagging and exhausting it can be. Pain medications can be dangerous to take for extended periods (and frequently only dull the pain, instead of dealing with it), relief found from injections is ineffective or short-lived, and some therapies can even … Continue reading “Massage for Lower Back Pain”

How Prenatal (and Postpartum!) Massages Are Great for Moms and Babies Alike

You’re an expectant mom-to-be. And maybe you already know the benefits of a soothing massage from your pre-pregnancy days. But now you’re being inundated with list after list of things that you can and can’t do during your pregnancy; things that are good for your baby’s development, and things to … Continue reading “How Prenatal (and Postpartum!) Massages Are Great for Moms and Babies Alike”

Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Massage

When you think of massage therapy, what comes to mind? Perhaps you consider those aches and pains in your shoulders and neck, or maybe your sore, tired, or swollen legs, or even a way you can cope with excess stress. However, the therapeutic nature of massage therapy extends far beyond … Continue reading “Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Massage”

How Massage Therapy Can Help Recreational Athletes

LeBron James regularly sees a massage therapist to improve the jump in his jump shot. Soccer star Megan Rapinoe counts massage therapy as a crucial part of her all-too-necessary recovery regimen to allow her muscles time to heal after a hard day of training or a tough game. And remember … Continue reading “How Massage Therapy Can Help Recreational Athletes”

Is Massage Therapy Helpful for Shoulder Pain?

Show of hands if you have ever experienced shoulder pain when reaching to fasten your seatbelt, grabbing something from an overhead cabinet, washing your hair, carrying groceries, or throwing a ball? Shoulder pain is an extremely common complaint for many people. You already know that regular massage therapy can help … Continue reading “Is Massage Therapy Helpful for Shoulder Pain?”

FREE Self-Massage Tools That Get Results

Yes, you can massage yourself at home. No, it won’t be as great as booking an appointment with me (obviously!). But the same way that brushing and flossing between dentist visits keeps your teeth and gums healthier for longer, self-massage can prolong the benefits of your sessions and help keep … Continue reading “FREE Self-Massage Tools That Get Results”

Smashing the “Toxins” Myth

Maybe you’ve just come back from a vacation where you had your fair share of wine and delicious food. Should you detox with a juice cleanse? Or perhaps a massage will flush these toxins from your body? Many health-minded people are seeking new ways to benefit their health and to … Continue reading “Smashing the “Toxins” Myth”