Traumeel Ointment 50g



Product Description

A multi-target approach to treating muscle and joint sprains, pain and inflammation

Inflammation – a highly complex process – is the body’s response to muscle or joint injury, and can limit and protect against further damage. However, excessive inflammation can be detrimental to recovery and cause pain.

Traumeel brings together a number of natural ingredients that target inflammation and promote healing in different, complementary ways.

Treating inflammation

Tackling muscle and joint inflammation in multiple ways

  • These either increase (pro-inflammatory cytokines) or reduce (anti-inflammatory cytokines) inflammation
  • An imbalance of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines can lead to excessive inflammation and pain
  • Traumeel works to restore the balance by targeting multiple mediators, reducing pro-inflammatory and increasing anti-inflammatory cytokines

Complementary actions

Natural ingredients with complementary and synergistic actions on musculoskeletal inflammation

  • Traumeel is a composition of several natural ingredients that control inflammation in different, complementary ways
  • There is evidence that, together in Traumeel, these ingredients are more effective than they are separately

Additional Information

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